About Us


The Mission of the Agap Program (AP) is to provide intensive education, constructive intervention, and supportive assistance toward the elimination of all dysfunctional behaviors and lifestyles; which lead to substance abuse. Our primary service goal for each recovering client is to effectively and permanently replace the use, misuse, and/or abuse of dangerously addictive drugs and alcohol with new skills and behavior patterns for sober living.


ASAP is a multi-faceted substance abuse program designed to educate, assist and support persons who are referred for violations involving drugs and/or alcohol. Our service delivery system is grounded in positive intervention strategies and modalities which are constructive, supportive, non-judgmental; inspirational; and encouraging. To this end, our primary purpose is to educate our clients about the catastrophic realities and deleterious effects of drugs and alcohol as gateways
to addiction. And to orient them to more productive behavioral and social lifestyles that support and sustain sobriety.

The ASAP service delivery system is grounded in intervention strategies and modalities that are constructive, supportive; non-judgmental; inspirational, and encouraging. To this end, our primary program components include:

  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Education focused on drug use prevention and abstinence practices
  • Exposure and orientation to new and/or alternative lifestyle patterns
  • Comprehensive exposure to the long-term destructive consequences of drugs on the individual
  • Intensive sensitivity orientation to the destructive effects of drug users on the community
  • Referrals and tracking to community support services that facilitate lifestyle opportunities and changes

ASAP draws on the expertise and experience of professional clinicians, clinical research, and evidence-based practices to provide a broad spectrum of services. ASAP clients who engage in activities and practices specifically designed and taught to eliminate addiction behaviors will make key life changes, and experience improvement in their quality of life. To this extent, ASAP is also designed to function as a deterrent and diversion from the criminal justice system.